Charging Lockers

Charging Lockers are basically a cabinet or storage solution that can securely charge your electrical items such as tablets, laptops and mobile phones.

Charging Lockers are a vital part of our modern world, they are secure and are protected by either a key or code so only the person that is using that locker will have access to that space. They come in a range of sizes and will be able to charge most small electrical items.

Charging Lockers are used in a variety of sectors, including offices, leisure facilities and public areas. They can also be used at festivals where most people will be camping on-site with no electricity in their tent, they can safely charge their phones so they can get a hold on anyone should they get lost or need their phone to guide them back to the area where they have set up camp.

Charging lockers are now in most colleges or schools as technology takes over from the paper and pen, and students need fully charged laptops or tablets to work on. They are a fast and simple solution for any student or teacher.

Charging lockers for mobile phones are also very popular, they can be used in gyms and leisure clubs, the lockers can be rented out so that laptops and tablets can be charging ready for use once a person workout is over.

Factories and industrial sites also are big fans of charging lockers, small power tools and other electrical items can be charged for use, and kept secure in their lockers.

Charging Lockers can be purchase or rented depending on how often they need to be used, for things such as festivals they can be rented for that duration which is usually two or three days, for schools, colleges and leisure facilities they can be purchased outright which will probably work out cheaper than renting.

Charging Lockers