High Density Model Board

High density model board, also referred to as tooling board are machinable boards available in various densities, cut and shaped by hand, or via CNC machining. Polyurethane model board creates highly accurate and detailed models and patterns. The rigid material is perfect for making patterns and composite moulds for short production runs. It also offers more durability and better surface finishing over lower density model board.

Low density model board is easily and quickly shaped by hand using conventional tools and can be rapidly machined using manual or CNC machine tooling methods. However, using this will not result in the same strength and surface finish as a higher density model board.

Why Would You Use High Density Model Board?

High density tooling board is frequently used in industries such as automotive, industrial, foundry and film production but work well wherever any prototype or model work is required. They are supplied by companies in varying thicknesses and density depending on your requirements and the desired end-use.

The main advantages of using a high-density model board include it being a very stable and easy to mould material, producing an accurate surface finish. It has excellent machining characteristics and can be painted and sealed easily. High Density model board also has good compressive strength and high temperature and chemical resistance. They are very flexible to do exactly what is required in engineering terms, making the best option whatever moulding or prototype operations are required.

High Density Model Board